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This class is all about giving back to the community with theatre. Every week students will enhance their skills in comedy improv and writing their own sketch routines. Using these tools, students will host free monthly interactive performances at elementary schools and senior centers. The older class will also host performances for children at homeless shelters. After all, what better way to give back than spreading laughter?

2021 Fall Class registration will open this summer. Stay tuned!

WonderGo Comedy 
Improv Troupe
Comedy Skech and Impov Detals



Do you like to make people laugh? Do you want to learn how to de-stress and go with the flow? Are you looking to give back to the community? At WonderGo our improvisation course is designed to do more than make you laugh. Improv is a way to problem solve, relieve, and connect with new friends. Our sketch comedy and improvisation course is geared towards making our students feel confident onstage and off, as well as enabling them to see the positive impact that their creative works can elicit for others. Through our training and playing, we will say “Yes!” to new ideas, we will use our imaginations to step into someone else’s shoes, and we may even surprise ourselves. Along with teaching the foundations of sketch comedy and improv, we will build our students’ knowledge base of teaching strategies so that our students can host interactive performances that engage, educate, and inspire their audiences. Our performances will be offered for free for children in elementary schools and homeless shelters as well as for older adults in assisted living communities. Our mission is to spark creativity that gives back to the community. Wonder if it’s possible. Go make it happen.

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